February 03, 2007

A note from David Revels

Dear Musicians and Parents,

Welcome to a New Year which I hope will be a peaceful and happy one for you all.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you hard work and dedication over the Christmas period and I look forward to working with you in due course. Also, I wish to thank and acknowledge the contribution made by our youngest recruits, who made a huge impression during our Christmas Carol Service (some of whom are only six years old).

Our new Probationers are:
Joshua Booth
Jacob Somerville
Charlie West
Scott Joiner
Rory Gracie
Ewan Docherty
Owen Gilbody
Michael Hong
William Linley
Robert Kim
Stephen Lynas
Michael Shorten
Ben Corry

These boys are drawn from different schools in the Belfast area and one or two from further afield. In addition to working on musical matters the boys play football before and after Thursday night rehearsals, which last from 5.00pm – 6.15pm, and there is a schedule of fun activities planned throughout the year.

If your son would like to audition to be a member of St George’s Parish Choir then contact me on 028 90310667 or email me by CLICKING HERE .

At this time I also welcome our four newest choristers:

Michael Forrester
Matthew Hirst
Adrian McCullough
David Mitchell

Having spent a period as probationers they have graduated into the Parish Choir and are making a huge contribution in their new capacity – well done!

I am delighted to announce the new medal holders at St George’s Parish Choir. Medals are given as an acknowledgement of outstanding ability, commitment and endeavour:

Head Chorister : Matthew Jeffrey

Deputy Head Choristers : Tor Alexander & Edmund Bell

Leighton Scholars :
Callum Maxwell,
Matthew Thompson,
Alan Burns &
Archie Frew

Cairns Medal : Rowan Brown

Congratulations to Rowan Brown on passing his transfer test with flying colours!

From the schedule you will see that we have been asked to support St Peter’s Cathedral in their quest to rejuvenate music in their liturgy. There will be a guest choir singing Mass in St Peter’s one Saturday in each month throughout 2007, and we have been invited to sing on Saturday 10th February at Evening Mass. Please inform me immediately if there is a problem with this date as details have already been submitted in promotional material.

It is my understanding that half term occurs from 16th – 20th February inclusive and so I have tried to schedule the boys’ commitments around this period. As you will see from the schedule and music list, the boys will not be required to sing during this period but will have greater responsibility on 25th February, whereupon they will be joined by the probationers, not least for moral support!

Thank you once again on your continued support and congratulations on all your hard work.

David Revels

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Anonymous said...

yoyo Richard Cambell / Mr Revels u need to change me (Tor) on the web-site along with Matthew Tompson, Callum maxwell and Archie Frew. this is the bit u need to change

3 of us are now in the mens section whilst one of us quit. And i think tht u also need o change the bit about David Revels "February 03, 2007
A note from David Revels"
as u are now the Musical Director of St.Georges Parish Church