August 02, 2006

Oxford 2006

From David Revels :

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the choir and organist for a most memorable, musical experience on tour in Oxford. Having spent six and a half years of my life in Christ Church both as an Academical Clerk and Lay Clerk, I was very proud to return to Oxford, albeit in a different role as Director of Music, knowing that I have in St George’s a team of very talented and dedicated organists and singers. I am delighted to report that there have been many favourable comments made about our music-making over the weekend and I look forward to continuing and improving upon this high standard.

It is with heavy hearts that we say farewell to Edward McMullen. Edward has spent eight years of his life in St George’s both as chorister and gentleman of the choir; latterly having been awarded the organ scholarship. His musicianship, enthusiasm, commitment and service is a shining example to all in the choir and for those who wish to join. It has been a great privilege working with Edward; as his Musical Director and vocal tutor I am delighted with his recent appointment to the position of choral scholar at Truro Cathedral, where he will spend his ‘year out’ before going to university to read Music. Edward follows in the footsteps of a long and impressive line of musicians at St George's, many of whom have gone on to be organ and choral scholars in Cathedral and Collegiate institutions the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Our loss will most definitely be Truro Cathedral’s gain.

We welcome some new probationers into the choir: David Mitchell, Michael Forrester, Adrian McCullough and Matthew Hirst. I am thrilled that they have accepted to participate in the experience at St George’s and look forward to the challenge of performing Church music to the very highest standards.

Mark McGuire has started an online album which you can all see by clicking the picture above. If anyone has any photos that they would like to add to the album feel free to e-mail them to Mark on the link below or perhaps arrange a disk to be sent if more convenient. We will then share them with everyone else.

Perhaps someone who is good at creative writing would like to provide an account of the trip? If so again please e-mail Mark your account and Hhe will post it up.

David Revels

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