October 08, 2005

A New Term at St George's - Sept 05

Welcome to the website of the choirs of St George's High Street, Belfast - This is intended as a web "blog" designed to assist with general communication for our choir. It is a place for all choir members both young and old, past choir members, parents of members, and anyone else who is interested to check in on what's happening in St George's choir and share photos, recordings of the choir and become generally a meeting place for us all.

On the right there is a link to schedules so that we all know where we should be and when, together with music lists, outings, and other such things - basically if in doubt check this site!!!

I must emphasis though that for this to become a really interesting place to be, we need feedback from everyone. What are the great untapped ideas in our choir? What would you like to see our choir achieve??
If you have any ideas or any contibutions to make to this site, please please e-mail me. Photographs, achievements, news of past members, anything at all - it would be great to hear from you. My e-mail address is mark.mcguire@btinternet.com. Also, at any stage you can post a comment on anything you see here by clicking "Comment" at the end of each post.

Hope you like the website and there are links on the right hand side of the page to other items of interest


Alan Edinburgh said...

Great site mark! Looking forward to seeing the photos. By the way, do the clergy know about this?! Alan C

Jonny Roberts said...

Agree with Alan, great site fella. Keep up the good work. JR

Anonymous said...

An excellent and most professional site - just like the musical experience in St. Georges each Sunday.

The setting of the Mass - Sumsion in F - last Sunday (15 January 2006) was particulary outstanding.

Congratulations to David, Richard and the whole choir for their musical contribution each Sunday at St George`s. This, together with the liturgy and the dignity, with the appropriate pompt and ceremony in the way that the Eucharist is celebrated,must make St Georges in Belfast and perhaps throughout the whole island of Ireland, the true place of true Anglican worship at its best.

Keep up the good work.

One minor comment - could we have the comment section on the main homepage, rather than in sub-sections.